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Commercial Services

When your business is operating at full capacity, it tends to get a tad messy. That’s where Aqua Power Washing NJ comes in. We’ll ensure your commercial kitchen, windows, walkways, dumpster areas and sidewalks are exceptionally clean.

Aqua Powerwashing NJ hours of operation can be altered to fit the needs of commercial cleaning services clients. We know and understand that you want a super clean storefront and employee area, without getting in the way of your business; nor having your customers watch us work.

Simply give us a call to schedule a time for our commercial cleaning services that fits your business needs.

Our commercial cleaning services are provided on time and on budget for the following specialized commercial cleaning contracts:

  • Airport Cleaning

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Office Cleaning

  • Train & Railway Cleaning

  • Food Production Cleaning

  • Hotel & Leisure Cleaning

  • Retail Cleaning

  • Shopping Centre Cleaning

  • Real Estate

  • Property Managers



Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

If you’re a busy kitchen or one that needs to pass an inspection, call on us to clean all overhead exhaust systems, extractor fans, ventilation ducts and even grease trap cleaning. We ensure a high level of kitchen hygiene once our work is complete.

About Our Commercial Cleaning Services Contract

All in all, our commercial cleaning services in New Jersey are above board when it comes to a proper cleaning saving you downtime and costs. Call on use today and be prepared for an increase happy customers & sales tomorrow.

APW Specializes in Commercial Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services

Aqua Power Washing in NJ provides a complete commercial window cleaning service from low level glazing to more complicated high-level areas that may require special access such as scissor lifts or cradles. Whether cleaning windows in a historic building, multi story office suites or busy shopping center, the quality of our commercial cleaning services will always remain consistently high.

Graffiti Removal – Fast Response

We all know that one of the main reasons some customers don’t visit a store is based on outward appearance. If your store windows or building has been “tagged” with graffiti, call on Aqua Power Washing to remove unsightly marks, gang signs and other graffiti swiftly. We’ll even ensure you don’t see the “ghost effect” graffiti has on painted surfaces and brick or stucco walls.


Gum Removal From Sidewalks and Buildings

We’ve all seen our fair share of black spots of gum left behind by a careless gum chewer. Call us to rid your walkways of gum spots immediately. If you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you may also notice these same spots on buildings where people have left their gum. We can remove that too – just call.