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Exterior Siding Soft Washing in New Jersey

Exterior siding soft washing is one of the best ways to improve curb appeal for your home. When considering how to pressure wash siding, keep in mind that not all washing methods are correct for certain types of home siding.

While the high pressure of a good power wash can get into tough crevices and textured surfaces of your vinyl siding, aluminum siding and wood siding, we must take care to adjust the nozzle and position of the wand.

  • We first prepare your home by removing items which may be in our way of proper cleaning. This may include patio furniture, umbrellas, vehicles or any other item.

  • We’ll then cover your plants and shrubs to ensure they aren’t damaged by the mild soap we use on siding types.

  • We’ll also cover any electrical outlets you may have on the side of your home, to include your light fixtures (spot lights, flood lights, etc).

  • Lastly, we’ll ask you shut all your windows and doors.


Exterior Siding Soft Washing in New Jersey

The market is tough here in New Jersey and if you’ve recently thought about putting your home on the market or are simply trying to increase the overall beauty of your home, consider power washing your exterior siding.

Upon first appearances, your home should look fresh and clean which makes it more memorable to potential buyers.

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Pressure Wash Stucco Siding

Stucco siding collect an enormous amount of dirt, debris and dust. While we can quickly blast dirt and dust off of your stucco siding, we also need to be careful of the application.

This is why we only use a soft-pressure when it comes to power washing stucco siding. we also don’t want to see any streaks. Aqua Power Washing will take great care when pressure washing stucco siding of your home or business.

Pressure Wash Brick Siding

Discoloration from age, mildew, dirt and grime are the norm for brick on your home of building. Power washing brick will bring back that new look to old brick and the former beauty of your home.

Since brick is porous and absorbs water quickly, we use soft-pressure to first wet the brick so that our earth-friendly detergent (if detergent is necessary for your application) doesn’t seep into the brick.

We’ll also attempt to remove any sign of efflorescence (white, powdery stain). we may need to wait several days to determine if efflorescence stains return. if so, we’ll liberally apply a specialized efflorescence remover and make several more passes with our low-pressure brushes.

Prior to power washing your homes brick work, we’ll need to do an inspection of the brick and mortar to ensure there are no damages to the mortar. If so we may need to take some time to patch those areas and allow to dry prior to brick power washing. In some instances it may take up to a week for the mortar work to dry.

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