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Power Washing Sidewalks

When it comes to sidewalk power washing, no one does it better than Aqua Power Washing of New Jersey. We take great pride in the level of service we extend to our residential and commercial clients.

Your sidewalk is the first thing house guests or customers see when arriving to your door. If your sidewalk is covered with stains, old chewing gum, coffee stains, grease or other type of stain, this does leave a bad first impression.

Power washing your sidewalk can remove these stains and make the concrete, brick, stone or other hardscape looking new and inviting.

New Jersey Sidewalk Power Washing

In New Jersey, sidewalk power washing literally creates greater curb appeal for your home or business. In a fast period of time your sidewalks can go from moldy and dingy, to clean and new-looking.


Imagine your guests coming to your home and slipping on your mildew or grease covered sidewalk. When it rains, the moisture buildup lays on top of the mold, mildew and grease stains and makes your sidewalks much more hazardous. A quality sidewalk power washing takes almost no time and dries quickly.

When we remove the stains from your sidewalk, you’ll also be comforted to know that your house will also be much cleaner in the long run. Since there is less dirt and mildew being tracked into your home from your walkways, your carpets will be less dirty.

Reselling Your Home? Power Wash Your Sidewalks!

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll most likely touch up the interior of the house with fresh paint and possibly new flooring. But, it’s the exterior of the home which catches the eye of the potential purchases.

If your sidewalks are freshly washed this immediately raises the curb appeal of your home whereby you’ll have more interest from genuine customers.

We invite you to talk with us about your New Jersey sidewalk power washing needs. Call for a free quote or simply use our contact form and let’s get started making your home even more beautiful today!

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