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Driveway Power Washing by Aqua Powerwashing

Over time your driveway and walkways will lose that fresh appearance. The white concrete look we all treasure can be made to look dirty in only a season as mold and mildew attach to the porous material. Your driveway power washing team at Aqua Power Washing is here to help bring back that new-concrete look.

Concrete is somewhat easy to clean, with the right equipment and materials. Having a clean driveway, walkway and sidewalk adds more curb appeal to your home and is a must if you plan on putting your home up for sale.


While you can clean some small spots on a driveway with a hand held pressure washer, it’s not a good idea as it may tend to loosen the aggregate and cause further problems. As well, it will also leave a clean spot often right in the middle of your driveway.

Aqua Power Washing uses only the best quality driveway power washing equipment to ensure that your concrete or stone driveway is only cleaned and not pitted by using abrasive materials or improper driveway cleaning methods.

Trust that we will clean your concrete driveway with low pressure and a state-of-the art brush system that gets down into the concrete to remove oil, coffee, rust, mold and mildew stains.

Did you know that having a clean driveway and walkway will cut down on the cost of indoor rug cleaning? It’s true! Having a clean driveway minimizes the staining material brought indoors with foot traffic. Keeping your outside walkways and driveway clean means less dirt tracked into your home.

Contact Aqua Powerwashing of New Jersey and let us give you a free, no obligation quote for driveway power washing.

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