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Power Washing Patios

Power washing patio bricks, pavers and stones means that your backyard patio will always be fresh and clean looking for when guests come by for a backyard barbecue or other function.

No matter what type of patio stone you have, how well the patio bricks were laid, or how much was spent on quality patio pavers… they all require yearly maintenance to keep them looking attractive and keeps the stone from deteriorating.

Let Aqua Powerwashing remove all lichen, moss, fungi, mildew and mold from your patio stones. We believe that power washing patio areas are essential to also keep from tracking dirt and mildew into your home.

Power Washing Patio Stones

Care must be taken when power washing patio stones as not all material is alike. Aqua Powerwashing uses no chemicals nor harsh abrasives when washing your patio. Different types of stones and bricks require somewhat different, and often difficult, work to get them clean.

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Power Washing Patio Bricks

Not only power washing patio bricks, but also, Aqua Powerwashing will power wash patio stone and also power wash patio pavers. Keep in mind that all of these materials is different in how mold and mildew attach themselves. But also keep in mind that if your patio stones aren’t power washed they may degrade over time.

When paving stones or brick decade you’ll find that you'll need to pull a number of them up and replace. When you replace patio stones you often will have discolored bricks meshed in with new brick. It’s much simpler to allow Aqua Power Washing to remove the harmful bacteria and dirt from your patio stones and then once completed, seal the stone with a quality patio stone sealer. We may even suggest using a silica sand to help the sealing process so weeds are put at bay as well.


Contact Aqua Powerwashing to find out more about power washing patio areas and all types of patio stones.

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