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Aqua Powerwashing will wash it all! No power wash job is too big or too small!

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So what are you waiting for? Bring back that curb appeal New Jersey and call Aqua Powerwashing today!

Getting Your Backyard Summer Party Ready

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re planning any backyard summer parties, you’ll want your patio and deck area just as clean as they can be. We’ve had a rough winter in New Jersey and it’s certainly taken it’s toll on the exterior surfaces of our home.

Power Washing Your Deck

It’s almost here, the backyard summertime party, picnics and barbecues. Before you invite your relatives and neighbors over for an old fashioned backyard get together, be sure your deck and deck rails are clean of all dirt and mildew that has been building up over the winter.

Aqua Power Wash will come out and organically power wash your deck and rails and make the wood appear new again. Like when they were new, this year you’ll have a deck and patio to be extremely proud of.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Your outdoor patio furniture has probably taken a beating this winter if it wasn’t covered or protected from the elements. As well, if it were out all last summer and you simply packed it away it could probably use a good power washing. Call on Aqua Powerwashing to help you get more living out of your dingy patio furniture. Patio furniture power washing is just one of the ways we bring your backyard summer parties to life.

The Backyard Wedding

These quaint family get-togethers are made even more special when two families come together in your backyard to see their sons and daughters wed. The last thing you want to worry about is the dirt and mildew that has been collecting on your patio furniture, deck, walkways and other hardscapes.


When thinking of a backyard wedding, one of your main concerns should be the train (or skirt). It will be brushing against your patio stones and if they’ve not been professionally cleaned, it could leave some rather embarrassing marks on the wedding dress.

We’ll make sure our professional cleaners scrub all patio stone and other hardscapes clean and make sure your grass isn’t harmed by our power washing process.

Hiring Aqua Powerwashing will help get your summer party ready. We’ll first estimate what needs to be cleaned and then how we’ll need to clean it. Not all surfaces are the same and some require additional pressure wash techniques or possibly one of our green cleaning products.

How to Properly Power Wash a Deck

Some people have misconceptions about how to power wash a deck. There are those who believe that pressure washing a deck is how to remove the grayed appearance of decking, or that the green mold and mildew must be pressure washed away. This isn’t true at all, and if you’re thinking of pressure washing your deck, please continue reading.

What Happens When You Power Wash a Deck

Power washing is a safe alternative to pressure washing. Wherein pressure washing sends a hard stream of water generally meant for hardscape surfaces like sidewalks and dumpster pads. When you power wash, the PSI of the nozzle is turned considerably low so as not to cause damage to the wood decking.

When you power wash a deck you get a consistently good clean without the problems of power washing. Aqua Power Washing cleaners understand that all surfaces are different and know which system to use for a fantastic deck cleaning application.


Why You Should Never Pressure Wash a Deck

As stated previously, there is a difference between “deck pressure washing” and deck power washing”. Power washing utilizes low pressure and of course a brush system to scrub your deck.

If your deck is old, the wood reacts very badly to pressure washing. You’ll see splintering and gaps left behind once pressure washing is complete. When this happens you’ll either be painting your deck with heavy duty sealer (which is expensive and time consuming), or you could be replacing the decking lumber.

When you have to replace the deck lumber this will make the other areas of your deck look odd. While functional, the new lumber will look amazing compared to your worn old decking materials. When you power wash a deck, you’ll often save time and money on costly repairs versus pressure washing a deck.

Power Wash a Deck then Seal; Always

Once we power wash a deck, we always seal to protect against water and the harmful rays of the sun. Aqua Powerwashing understands that water proofing a deck is not enough, that we must also use a UV inhibitor to block the suns harmful rays – which will, over time, turn your beautifully power washed deck gray.

Power Washing New Jersey

Aqua Powerwashing wants to know… are you having a backyard wedding, summer get together, barbecue, family reunion, graduation party and are thinking of hosting it on your deck or patio?

Are you a bride looking to host her wedding in your backyard? But, maybe you’re embarrassed that the weather has made your home, deck and stonework look dingy and dirty?

Get your wedding planning and summer parties started right by calling Aqua Powerwashing! We’ll make sure your guests are impressed by how beautiful your property looks.

Aqua Powerwashing New Jersey

We will clean and seal your deck, stonework, walkways, driveway and all other hardscape surfaces. Fast!

Aqua Powerwashing is a Premier New Jersey pressure washing company that will make your whole house shine in no time.


Aqua Powerwashing even does whole house washing! … and roof washing using soft-pressure to remove those dark spots!

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